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Burano street Venice Italy

If you have time… Go for a short break to Burano Island.

I think, you really should make time to discover the northern lagoon.

It was one of my best decisions when I came my first time in Venice. It felt as an adventure.

Away from Venice Italy, away from the tourist crowd. The island where the colorful houses, narrow canals and the little bridges reminiscent of a tiny Venice. Its world famous lace and the beautiful sights make it a must visit.

How to get there

Burano boatline

To get there take the LN route "Laguna Nord": Several types of boat operate on this route to reach these islands.

Take line 12: From the Fondamenta Nove station. This line runs with vaporetto boats to Murano-Burano-Treporti-Punta Sabbioni. Duration to Burano island is 42 mins.

The LN route is wheelchair-accessible. Or take the LN route from S. Zaccaria station

Burano island famous lace

Burano square

The islanders cherish an old legend about a faithful sailor who resisted the temptations and was rewarded with a magnificent vial of magical foam for his bride.

Later this was worked into lace, a trade since the 17th century that brought worldwide fame and fortune to the isolated fisher folk.

These days there are still some museums where you can see women working on their stitches. But, nowadays many laces are imported from China.

Museum on Burano

It is worth to visit the Church of San Martino, with a leaning bell tower and a famous painting by Giambattista Tiepolo.

Or visit ‘Museo Del Merletto'. This tiny museum is dedicated to the art of lace. In the adjoining lace school you can watch how the women work on their lace. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a clock in the morning until 5 a clock in the afternoon.

Restaurant on the Island

Restaurant DA Romano: For decades Venetian citizen is crossing the lagoon towards Burano island to taste the gourmet of this special Trattoria (Italian eatery with a menu that consists mainly regional recipes). Address: Piazza Galuppi 221.

DA Romano is a popular meeting place for artists. The fish here is excellent and is prepared on a charcoal fire.

Burano skyline

Discover the northern lagoon:

Morning: Buy a Laguna Nord (LN) day ticket. Then take a vaporetto to Murano to watch a glassmaking demonstration at a furnace.

Walk next to Murano's own Grand Canal towards the Faro (light-house) vaporetto landing place. It's a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Take a ferry to Burano. Eat lunch at DA Romano Restaurant.

Northern Lagoon Route Enlarge

Afternoon: Pop over to Torcello by ferry for the mosaics in the basilica. Climb the ancient bell tower for the unbeatable views of the lagoon and the mountains.

Return to the water on a ferry via the south past low-lying islands and tidal flats. The ferry takes you further to Punta Sabbioni, where a stopover is feasible for a drink on the jetty.

End the day sailing across the broad lagoon mouth, via the Lido back to Piazza San Marco.

There is plenty to explore as you see. Discover the Venice area on my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

Home >  Venice Tips >  Burano >

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