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Knowing the history of Venice Italy will help you to understand this beautiful place. I tell you the facts and how it all began. It is a Floating city on 7,5 km² with 150 canals, about a 100 squares and 400 bridges.

Venice has many names, like “Capital of water” and “Adriatic Queen”. So let’s go and let me bring you back about 1500 years ago when the first settlers arrived in this beautiful lagoon.

History of Venice Italy

History of Venice Italy

The first settlers were farmers and fishermen from around the Veneto area. They had to flee to protect their lives and to stay out of the hands of Attila the Hun. 

They arrived at the Adriatic sea where they discovered some islands just above the water-line. These islands were made out of tree trunks gathered from the nearby mainland, fasted down into the silt.  

More arrivals came in 568 AD when the Germanic Lombard tribes conquered Northern Italy. They discovered due the particular timber of the tree trunks and the silt of the seawater, the island petrified instead of rotting. And after this fact, the future of Venice was assured...

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Outstanding sailors

Venice Italy History

The people of the early Venice were outstanding sailors. Their boats fanned out from the Adriatic sea into the Mediterranean. The hardworking traders became soon so powerful that they were owning the biggest ship fleet in Europe. Every deal they made became a profit. They created their own Island State.

The richest families became the aristocracy. They elected a leader, known as the Doge. Soon the Doge Palace and the San Marco Basilica were built.

However, in the 18th century the trading and shipping industry moved to the other European cities. Venice lost its sea power. It became a dead city with no income.

When Napoleon invaded the city, the last of the 120 Dogen disappeared. From 1866 Venice and the islands belong to Italy. In the mid 1930's, Mussolini built a bridge to connect Venice to the mainland. 

Venice was rediscovered by world travelers like me and you…

  • Do you know why these Venice attractions; the San Marco Basilica and the Piazza San Marco have their name?

An important note in history; Venetians merchants took in 828 AD the body of Saint Marc from Alexandria to Venice. He became the emblem of the city. They believed Saint Marc gave them prosperity.


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You could read about the history of Venice. It is a rich history as you can read. Hopefully you will appreciate this city even more. Please click on the links to explore my site. 

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Fact about Venice Italy:

How many people live in Venice? Don't be surprised, but this will be around 68.000. Mostly senior citizen.

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