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Many questions on my site are about how to get from Mestre to Venice. Many visitors have a hotel in Mestre. A hotel outside Venice is not a bad idea, because the transport connections to Venice are endless.

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From Mestre to Venice

My summary on how to get from Mestre to Venice

Mestre is located 6 miles from Venice. Besides buses and trains there is also a tram service. Bus no. 2 runs from the train station in Mestre to Piazzale Roma in Venice. And with the trains leaving every 15 minutes you are in no time in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Venice.

"But my hotel in Mestre is not near the train station… How do I get there?" Don’t worry, the public transport around Venice is well organized. And almost all hotels are near a bus stop to connect you with Venice or Mestre railway station.

Always prepare good to check the hotel's own website. All hotels have information on how to reach the hotel from the Airport and how to reach Venice.

Keep note of the hotels near the train station in Mestre. They have higher rates.

If your hotel is not within walking distance of the train station you need a local bus or a private hotel shuttle bus that often costs money to Venice.

Here I show you an overview of all the transport options from Mestre to Venice:

  • ACTV bus line no. 2 (Mestre train station) direction VENEZIA :: 15 minutes and 7 stops € 1.50
  • ACTV bus line no. 4L (Mestre Centro) direction VENEZIA :: 16 minutes and 8 stops € 1.50
  • ACTV bus line no. 5 (Mestre Centro) direction VENEZIA :: 17 minutes and 9 stops € 1.50
  • Bus ATVO line no. 10A direction Favretti :: 13 minutes and 1 stop € 3.50
  • ATVO bus line no. 25 direction Aeroporto Marco Polo :: 10 minutes and 1 stop € 3.50
  • Tram no. T1 from Mestre Centro direction towards VENEZIA :: 22 minutes and 9 stops € 1.50
  • Train from Venezia Mestre Train Station FS towards Venezia S. Lucia train station :: 15 minutes and 1 stop € 5.50
  • Taxi (road) to Piazzale Roma :: 13 minutes € 20.00 t / m 25.00
  • Car parking at St. Mark :: 12 minutes drive from Mestre parking fee more than € 30, - a day
  • Bicycle. At Venezia Mestre train station you can rent bicycles. A fixed fee of € 15.00 and after 60 minutes € 1.00 every 60 minutes.
  • Walk from Mestre Centro to Venice :: 120 minutes
  • Walk from Mestre Train Station to Venice :: 100 minutes
From Mestre to Venice with the ACTV buses

To check the schedule of the buses go to (also in English). This is the public transport service in and around Venice.

And you should know that Venice itself has no roads for cyclists, cars and buses, so there are no bus connections to the hotels in Venice. The bus does not go beyond Piazzale Roma. From here you can continue with vaporetto boats on the water. Check the routes and timetables also

A bus or tram ticket is each time € 1,50. This is cheap but if you want to combine it with the vaporetto boats in Venice (EUR 7.50 per ticket), you better buy a Tourist Travel Card. You can use all public transport (not to the airport) of the company ACTV. The options are;

  • 20,00 € - 1 DAY TRAVELCARD
  • 30,00 € - 2 DAYS TRAVELCARD
  • 40,00 € - 3 DAYS TRAVELCARD
  • 60,00 € - 7 DAYS TRAVELCARD

All trains from Venice stop at the Venezia Mestre train station. From Mestre you can go anywhere in Italy, also with the train to Rome. For schedules and reservations visit (also in English).


Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy ! Here is an overview and mostly they have a shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

You've read about how to get from Mestre to Venice. There is plenty to explore. Read my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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