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The bell tower of the island of San Giorgio is only two minutes away from the San Marco Square with the Vaporetto Boat no. 2. The vaporretto boat can also be taken from Piazzale Roma and elsewhere from a stop on the Grand Canal. Vaporetto line no. 2 always stops at the S. Giorgio. 

The best kept secret is that tourists only see the island from a distance from the San Marco area. But, you can reach this island in a few minutes and visit the church of S. Giorgio.

It is less crowded with tourists than the other Campanile Tower on the San Marco Square. When I visited the S. Giorgio, there were only 2 other tourists... You can enjoy peace and you do not have to queue to go up and experience a fantastic view from the tower... 

San Giorgio view tower Venice Italy

When you enter the church - called S. Giorgio Maggiore - you will first admire 2 famous paintings (Tintoretto's last supper). On the left you can continue to walk until the end where you will enter a hallway. Over here you can buy tickets to enter the top of the church tower.

A ticket will cost around EUR 6,00 per person. You can only use an elevator to go up, because there is no staircase for the public. The church and the tower are open until 17:00 pm during the months April until October.

With its beautiful sight and the skyline of Venice Italy you can enjoy the lagoon view. The best is that you will maximum your time here and enjoy taking pictures. 

And that's all !

On the island of Giorgio the main attractions are the church and the tower. TIP: You can use your same vaporetto ticket for a return to San Marco Square if it didn’t reach its limit of 75 minutes.

Tip 1: Discover Venice by gondola and experience the magic of the city from the water. Through my partner we have tickets from EUR 32 , - Book here >

Most tourists pay a hundred euro for a short gondola ride. And this tip is for you to take a gondola ride just for a few bucks is our secret. Shhh...

Discover the island San Giorgio more !

Isola Di S. Giorgio, as it is mentioned by the Venetians. It was first an island for monks and a center to learn. The learning center is still in use because the buildings are used by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini organization with a research center and laborers school. Please take a look at

You can enter the buildings on the island in the weekend with a tour. And have a look at some objects from the composer Vivaldi and a special maze garden… It costs about EUR 8,00 for the tour.


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You have read about the island of S. Giorgio in Venice. There is plenty to discover, as you read. Discover my site about Venice Italy and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

Home >  Venice Attractions >  San Giorgio >

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