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It’s time to take a train to Venice! But, how do you get there from nearby train stations and cities around Europe? I will describe it here…

Train to Venice Italy, beautiful scenery!From Munich (Germany) to Venice Italy. Enjoy the view!

The train station in Venice itself is called 'Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia'. And yes, it happened to me too. If your train stops in "Mestre", you're going to doubt where to get out the train. Because the station in Mestre is called 'Venezia Mestre'.

But this station is on the mainland. Venice is more 12 minutes with the train! And when you will arrive at station ‘Santa Lucia’, you have to go down the stairs and continue your journey on foot or an a vaporetto boat.

Tip 1: Discover Venice by gondola and experience the magic of the city from the water. Through my partner we have tickets from EUR 32 , - Book here >

By train to Venice from over 2700 European cities

The EC train to Venice Italy

Considering to travel with the train in Europe? With the NSInternational train network you can buy train tickets up to 2700 destinations.

You can read here about train connections between Munich – Venice, Verona – Venice and Paris – Venice. I will make soon a special page about connections between Rome and Venice. My favorite!

Munich: From Munich, there is a direct train to Venice every day. By train to Venice you have the advantage that you do not have to travel by car or plane. The train is an outcome. And you only have to move once or twice from most European cities. Freedom of movement and comfort!

The city night line train to Venice Italy

Buy a single train ticket from Munich to Venice. You can also reach Munich from Utrecht (the Netherlands), the train departs from 20:35 to Munich Hbf (Hauptbahnhof). The train will arrive at 7:10 am the next morning. 

You can reserve sleeping chairs and / or compartments where you can sleep. You will arrive comfortable in Venice! In Munich, you have to change trains.

Taking the direct train to Venice from Munich? You cannot book these via NSInternational, but via You can also buy a ticket at the carrier EC (European Cityline) at the station. This train leaves for Venice every day at 11:38. The journey takes six hours and goes along beautiful scenery in the Austrian and northern Italy mountains.

Verona: Via NSInternational you also have a different choice. You can book directly to Verona. In Munich, you have to switch to the EC train to Verona. From Verona, you have to buy a local ticket to Venice. The advantage is that you can buy it via NSInternational. This connection is better than the direct train link between Munich and Venice.

Sleeping in the train to Venice

Paris: Book your train ticket from Paris to Venice. Only a 9 hours and 40 minutes trip with beautiful scenery.

This is a train route which is used often in the 19th century and now it is still possible to experience the historic route. 10 hours in a train feels long, but you can have a lunch, dinner and walk around. The price differs, but an one way train ticket is EUR 95,-. Book your reserved seats >

Ready to book the train trip to Venice?

Complete the form below via NS International and print your entire trip to Venice!

More detail; Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia

Many travelers are using the train station or depart from Venice. It is a modern station in a perfect location. Tickets can be purchased until 21:00 at the ticket office or in the ticket machine 24/7. Do not forget to stamp your ticket. The train station gives direct access to the Grand Canal where you can take a vaporetto boat. This makes the station easy to reach.

Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia can be reached directly from; Rome, Milan, Florence, Paris, Vienna, Munich and Zurich. The train station has great connection with local, regional and express trains. is a carrier that operates most of the train services in Italy. Their website is in English. The train tickets can be bought online. Tickets for the fast train within Italy (Frecce of Italo) are quite expensive, but generally the train in Italy is cheap.

  • Travel time to Verona is 2 hours and 10 minutes. The express train is 1 hour and 27 minutes.
  • Travel time to Milan is 4 hours. The express train is 2 hours 35 minutes.
  • Travel time to Florence is by train Max. 2 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Travel time to Trieste is by train Max. 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Travel time to Rome is by train Max 8 hours (there is also a night train). The express train takes 3 hours and 45 minutes via the Italo transporter (

The train to Venice from Mestre

Arrive at St. Lucia Station with the train to Venice Italy

Environmentally friendly and cheap. Many visitors of Venice park their car in Mestre and continue by train. Venice is a 12-minute train ride from Mestre.

Almost every 10 minutes trains depart for Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia.

You're not the only one. Many travelers save at their expense and stay in Mestre. Very close to the train station in Mestre are three good hotels. These are the Best Western Hotel Bologna, Hotel the Plaza and Hotel Tritone. The hotel rates are acceptable and they have their own parking spaces. Ideal!

By train to Venice from Treviso

Many questions on my site are about how to get the best from Treviso (airport) to Venice. The train is an option. From the airport take the local bus number 6 to Treviso Stazione Fs.

Every 10 minutes there is a train to Venice. A train trip costs € 3.30. Do not forget to get off at Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia. This is after you cross the long bridge in venice!

Tips for taking the train to Venice:

  • Don’t worry if you got off the train at ‘Mestre Venezia’ station. Every 10 minutes there will depart a train to station st. Luca in Venice.
  • If you travel via Munich, check your transfer to Venice or Verona.
  • When taking the train during daytime, you will have beautiful scenery’s.

Book your cheap NS International city trip to Venice >


Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy ! Here is an overview and mostly they have a shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

You've read about my train to this beautiful lagoon city. There is plenty to discover. Discover my site about Venice and get more information.

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