My story about the Venetian glass on the island Murano

Venetian glass art

Real Venetian Glass. I went to Murano to visit a glass making demonstration. Glassblowers at work! 

But, I Know more. Blowing blobs of molten glass into fine vases. Molding colored rods into myriad animal shapes.

,,Magic moments are guaranteed if you visit the skillful craftsmen!

The glassblowers of Murano are world famous. The art of glass is everywhere on the island. Along the quay, but also on the central square there are glass sculptures. 

While wandering in Murano you have to visit the glass museum ‘Museo del Vetro’. It is housed in a beautiful 17th century Palazzo ‘Giustinian’. On the first floor you will find the famous Murano glass collections and masterpieces of Venetian glass art. 

The museum is located around the corner from the ‘Museo Murano’ water bus stop. Line 4.1 or Line 4.2 from Venice ‘Fondamenta Nuove’. Whole year long it is open daily from 10am. Except, the public holidays January 1st, May 1st and December 25st. 

  • Entrance tickets cost € 8,00 (reductions for pensioners and students). 
  • Address: Fondamenta Giustinian 8, 30121 Murano
  • Web:
Venetian glass factory

If you want to see a glassblower at work, I Suggest you pre book a tour. Especially, during the arrival days of cruise ships, it can be very busy. offers the best tours in Venice. You can book in advance. For example, choose an excursion to Murano. Incl. Glass blowing demonstration for only € 20 P.P.

Some glass factories give a free demonstration, but they expect you will buy something in their shop. Most factories own a shop where the nicest objects are set out. And during the summer month’s Juli and August most glass factories are closed. The temperature is then too hot to work. 

Origin of the Venetian glass

Glass made in Venice is dated from the year 982 AD. But, it is unknown when the glass industry started in Murano. The chandeliers and mirrors made of glass have long been demanding the world. Especially, during the golden age of The 16th century. 

A glass workman Angelo succeeded during a mistake to make a clear and transparent glass bulb. Colors and a lot of new techniques were applicable to this new kind of glass. Venetian Glass became to be well known all over the world.

After this success the glass Industry in Murano kept declining. Another century, Baroque style and the Compatitevers around the world made it difficult to keep up with these changes. 

However, nowadays the glass industry is ruled elsewhere in the world, Murano keeps their unique culture. The beautiful glass that uses the peculiar technique is alive and well. It is popular all over the world!

Lovers of glass beads, such as the famous Pandora or the hearts of Murano are all over the place. I’m sure you will find very special glass beads…

Venetian Glass Factory Murano

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