Venice Italy Weather, when to go Best? 

Venice Italy weather, what is the best time to go to Venice? And how is the Venice temperature each season?

How about the Venice climate? 

And perhaps more importantly what will be the weather forecast in Venice this week?

Ready to go? The Venice Italy Weather is important when you're going on holiday to Venice. Of course you want to have blue skies, not too cold nor too hot and certainly no rain...

I have visited Venice every season. Each season has its charm and magic. On this page I will tell you more about the weather in Venice.

Venice Italy Weather, here are some facts: 

Venice Italy Weather
  • Throughout the year there is an average of 82 inches of rain
  • August is the warmest month
  • January is the coldest month
  • November is the wettest month
  • February is the driest month

Winter: These are the months of December, January and February. The temperatures are sometimes below zero, and occasionally it is foggy.

This Venice Italy weather makes it look colder. The nice thing about these cold months is that there are far fewer tourists. The town exudes tranquility and the silence and steamy channels can be very romantic.

The phenomenon of 'acqua alta' (high water) occurs in these months regularly. When this happens some squares in Venice will flood.

Are you a couple in love and want to experience the romance? These winter months could be a perfect fit for you,,,, love will keep you warm. Read more about winter activities in the Venice Winter. During these activities it will be very crowded with tourism.

Spring: These are the months March, April and May. I find this the best time to go on holiday to Venice. It does not rain as often and the temperature is pleasant. While, in these months you will need to bring a jacket, on sunny days you can easily take it off. Be warned; during the easter weekend it is one of the busiest weekends with tourism.

Summer: These are the months of June, July and August. In July and August it can be uncomfortably hot and stuffy in Venice. This is particularly true if you walk through the alleys or on the maze of canals with a gondola. The storm that occasionally occurs in the summer, provides a refreshing atmosphere. Actually, a warm summer afternoon can turn into a thunderstorm... "Sometimes wonderful"

Autumn: These are the months of September, October and November. The temperatures can still be very pleasant. However, there is more wind. November is the wettest month of Venice, so keep this in mind. Just as spring, this is a great time to visit!

Above! Whatever the weather is, Venice loses none of its magic and charm. So choose the season which fits the best! 

Read about what kind of climate Venice Italy actually has. And come back soon for the weather forecast Venice Italy. See you soon ...

You've read about the Venice weather. There is plenty to explore as you see. Discover Venice on my site and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

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