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The Bridge of Sighs at Venice Italy. A shivering experience when you know what happened over here.

Imagine the sighing prisoners and your appetite for a nice Venetian meal will disappear. At least mine disappeared when I visited the bridge before lunchtime… You will find this bridge next to the Doge’s Palace

The famous Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs Venice Italy

The famous bridge (also named; Ponte dei Sospiri) is an important tourist landmark. It’s an early 17th century Baroque structure that crosses the palace to the prisons.

You can walk trough this Bridge of Sighs!

Book a special tour at the Doge's Palace to walk through the bridge. Then you see how Casanova managed to escape. Because, we've partnered with who has special tickets for a guided tour. Very special for the price of EUR 38, -.

  • A two-hour guided walk st. Marco Basilic and the Doge's Palace
  • Walk through the Bridge of Sigh
  • Save time by skipping the (frequently long) queues

You can pay directly by credit card. Then you immediately get the tickets and can show it on your smartphone. So when decided 10 minutes before, you can go directly inside! Book therefore your tickets online >.

How does the bridge got its name?

The ancient function of the bridge is a far from happy one: it connects the Hall of the Magistrates in the Palazzo Ducale to the New Prisons.

Many unhappy criminals had reason to sigh as they crossed it. People like the famous Casanova and Galileo Galilei were locked up in this prison. Sighing before entering the chilly dungeons. A last breath and a view of daylight. 

Later on Casanova knew to escape in a spectacular way. The night of October 31 of 1756 he climbed out of his cell. He crossed the whole palace where a guard lets him out. The guard mistook him for a politician. The legend says before Casanova escaped over the sea on a gondola he drunk a coffee somewhere at a cafe along the San Marco square.  

If you want to take a picture of the bridge my advice is to stand on the Ponte Della Paglia. You can make beautiful pictures. Especially in the early morning. At this time there are no tourists and there is a silent which you don’t have during the daytime.

Bridge of Sighs Venice

When I took a picture only a pigeon disturbed my view. But, it didn’t take long before the pigeon became my friend. I stood there for maybe 30 minutes. I've tried if I could hear the sigh of the convicts who went to the dungeon. Unfortunately, I could only hear the wind and the sounds of the early morning.

It is a unique bridge and should certainly be visited once. 

Please let me know when you hear the sigh... Or send me some pictures which you took of this bridge. 


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