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Spent your Weekend holidays in Venice Italy... Venice is an attractive destination for city holidays. That's for sure!!

Prizes of a 3 star hotel including breakfast will cost you around 90 Euros per person. Venice is accessible for people with all kinds of incomes. I'm sure even you can afford to spend a romantic weekend in Venice style...

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Nowadays, Venice has visitors of all ages. Rich, poor, student, elderly and movie stars. And not to forget, the many art lovers who come to this city.

There is enough excitement to make an entire holiday or a simply relaxing weekend break.

Book your own Weekend holidays in Venice Italy

Holidays in Venice Italy

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You have to choose which airline you want to fly. And so on which airport you arrive. Know that RyanAir flies to Treviso Airport and that you have a connection to Venice for one hour with a shuttle bus.

And your accommodation? A cheap hotel or a B & B? All you can control yourself, so why not book your nights in Venice by your self! This is how I do it. So I create my own offer to Venice.

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Piazza San Marco, the heart of Veneto

I got my best holiday feeling when I noticed there are no cars!! No bikes are any kind of vehicle. This experience has made my holiday in Venice Italy very pleasant.

Explore the city on foot, take a gondola ride or take a seat on a square which is hidden behind the alleys. I will give you some highlights below.

The impressive Piazza San Marco is the heart of the city and the start of most holidays in Venice Italy. This square is dominated by the imposing facade of the basilica, a tourist attraction itself.

The Basilica of Venice has up to five impressive domes, and is richly supplied with arches, turrets and other decorations. Be surprised of the treasury (tresoro) and the rich collection of the Basilica. I was impressed by all the silver, gold, gemstones and fine glassware. Even when there is a big row of many tourists, it's worth it.

Rialto Bridge offers a great view

Holidays in Venice Italy Canal

The Rialto Bridge and its own Rialto market are worth a visit. The Rialto bridge connects both banks along the Grand Canal and offers a great view. From here you can be impressed by all the gondolas, boats and other traffic passing by in this beautiful scenery.

You will find near the Rialto Bridge many shops and a fish market. Everything at a walking distance. This makes it the commercial heart of the city. It's easy to spend half a day here, exploring the market and more.

Experience the city of water

Venice is the city with its many canals and beautiful architecture. It has 117 islands, 400 bridges and 160 channels, all connected. And yes, what’s more romantic than a ride on the gondola under the bridge of sighs?

Holidays in Venice Italy are an ideal opportunity to discover unknown charms in this historic and unique city. Every street or canal has its own character and personality.

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Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy ! Here is an overview and mostly they have a shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

I gave you some highlights about holidays in Venice. I have some suggestions, as you will read. Please click on the links to explore my site more and get more information about the different topics.

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