Why the Opera in Venice Italy is so popular?

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Please attend an opera in Venice at the ‘Teatro la Fenice’. Opera belongs to the culture and charm of the city and it is a fantastic experience. 

I am a big fan of the Teatro la Fenice. It is such a fantastic building for opera, ballet and concerts. When you will enter you will get notice of the inside architecture,, and it is superb… 

There are also other places where you can see concerts and small operas in Venice. For example, in small churches or big baroque palazzo’s like ‘Scuola Grande Dei Carmini’. Please, check the tourist offices or please visit one of these sites veniceoperatickets.com or arteconcerto.com

Inside the Teatro la Fenice opera

Why is Teatro la Fenice so special?

This building has its own drama show and screenplay... Teatro la Fenice was rebuilt after it had flared in 1996. But, look at it now… They rebuilt it, completely in the old baroque style. 

The stage and the seating, balconies and fantastic architecture make it an unwise experience to visit this theater. 

A top attraction! And when you say Venice, then you say opera. Because Venice was known as the opera center of Europe. Major international opera are still playing here. La Fenice is considered to be one of the world's richest musical temples. 

Many premiers have taken place. The opera season in Venice runs from January to July and again from September to October. You have to book early in advance, because the tickets for opera in Venice are sold out quickly.

Please do not have an opera in Venice!

Next to the opera scene there are also classical concerts and other musical art shows, such as piano concerts! Teatro la Fenice is also used for weddings, mostly by rich & famous people ;)… And of course during the Venetian Carnival the teatro is a ballroom... Look quickly at www.teatrolafenice.it.

Practical information La Fenice

La Fenice Theater can be found on Campo San Fantin. It is a short walk from the San Marco Square. Or easier,, get off at the vaporetto stop 'Santa Maria del Giglio'.

Opera tickets are from EUR 40, -

A tour of the building can be done during the day from 9:30 to 18:00. A tour costs approximately EUR 9, - and takes about 40 minutes.

Antonio Vivaldi Concerts in Venice 

Teatro la Fenice from outside

What about Vivaldi concerts? The famous artist was born here in Venice...

A Concert of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ can be experienced several times a year. You can hardly walk through Venice and see a flyer for a concert with Vivaldi music. Venice Italy exudes the atmosphere of classical music. This is what you feel and Venice is about..

Vivaldi (1678-1741) has visited all of Europe in his 30 years, but he was born in Venice. In different churches and palazzi in Venice you can see Vivaldi concerts and sometimes with instruments from the 18th century. Vivaldi gave a strong appeal to music lovers from Europe.

Tickets for concerts can be bought at the tourist information centers on, for example, Piazza San Marco. Most hotel receptions sell the tickets as well.


Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy ! Here is an overview and mostly they have a shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

You have read about Opera. There is enough to discover as you read. Discover my site about Venice and get more information about this beautiful Italian city.

Home >  Venice Attractions >  Opera in Venice >

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