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Are you a fan of contemporary art? It could be nice! After all the history in the city, Palazzo Grassi is worth a visit to freshen up.

Especially, if you like style. This collection usually seeks the confrontation! The gray-white marble building was designed by Giorgio Massari. The palace was formerly owned by the last descendant of Roman dignitaries (Patrician).

Palazzo Grassi in Venice Italy, modern art!

It was built in the years between 1748 and 1772. The building looks different in style than the older palazzo in Venice. It is the last Palazzo which was build after Venice was no longer an own republic.

The Palazzo was purchased in 1980 by the Italian car manufacturer Fiat and sold again in 2005 to the Frenchman Francois-Henri Pinault.

My first time I visited this museum was actually an accident. I had been wandering around and came to this museum. I went in, but I stayed only 5 minutes. For me,, contemporary art is still difficult to understand...

Palazzo Grassi Museum Contemporary ART

Practical information about Palazzo Grassi

The vaporetto stop "San Samuele" is the nearest point to get to the museum by boat. If you take vaporetto boat no. 2 you have to get off at the vaporetto stop "S. Angelo". 

The opening hours are Wednesday - Monday from 10:00 to 19:00. The entrance ticket costs EUR 15, -. It is EUR 20, - when you want to see another museum of the same owner. This museum 'Punta della Dogana' is also a gallery of great modern art treasures, found across Grand Canal.

Tickets with a discount (for example, student, senior) costs approximately EUR 10, -. On the website of the museum you can see additional information for the qualifying discounts. The museum is wheelchair accessible.

The exhibition area covers approximately 2000 m2 of art from the collection of the wealthy Frenchman (also owner) Francois-Henri Pinault. The entire building, including other museum Punta della Dogana is a cultural institution with exhibitions, readings, workshops and so on.

The building is easily identified by the large sculptures in front of the building. Your interest depends largely on which temporary exhibition takes place. But contemporary art is what it says. All exhibited in harmony. In contrast to the yearly Venice Biennale the Frenchman steals often the show with occasional provocation.

Palazzo Grassi Theater

The Palazzo has a fantastic café. Here you have a view of the Grand Canal and interior designed by contemporary artists who exhibit in the Palazzo.

I love to sit here with something tasty to drink / eat. The museum also has its own theater for approximately 225 people for concerts, films and other displays that do justice to art.


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You've read about this Palazzo. There is plenty to explore, as you see. Read my site about Venice Italy and get more information on this beautiful Italian city.

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