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Does Venice need a supermarket? Going shopping in a local super is not your priority. But, sometimes you don’t have breakfast at your hotel or hostel. And time by time it can be convenient to buy the necessary needs at a grocery shop. 

And above all, when you are staying at an apartment your refrigerator should be filled for home cooking… It is easy and cheap to buy your snacks for the day.

So,, where to find them?

Conad Supermarkets are all around Venice

The biggest super is on Strada Nuova (route between train station and the Rialto Bridge).

This ‘Conad’ supermarket you will find on more locations in Venice. For example, in the area ‘Dorsoduro’, ‘Santa Croce/San Palo and on the island Lido.

During my stays in Venice I searched for grocery shops, but I couldn’t find them.

The best is nowadays to look them up on your Phone or IPad.

Just do a simple search on ‘supermarket Venice’ and choose your nearest shop. This gps on the phone is very handy to navigate in Venice.

You can rely on it, even walking in the narrow alleys in Venice Italy.

Next to the grocery shops of Conad there are COOP markets. Here you have some addresses:

  • Conad: Str. Nuova, 3660 = Open until 23:30 hours
  • Conad City (small): Sestiere Dorsoduro, 1491 = Open until 23:00 hours
  • Conad: Fondamenta Garzotti, 891 = Open until 21:00 hours

Her are the address of the other chain shop COOP in Venice:  

  • COOP: Piazzale Roma, 499 = Open until 20:30 hours
  • COOP: Cannaregio, 1976 = Open until 20:30 hours
  • COOP: on Lido near the Vaporetto’s = Open until 20:30 hours
  • COOP: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1798 = Open until 20:30 hours

But one of my favorite is the Punto supermarket on the Westside of Campo Santa Margherita in Santa Croce. This grocery shop has a hard to find entrance. When you will look out for some shopping carts in front of the gelato shop, you will find it! This super is there for years and they just had a major upgrade since last time I visited.

Not even long ago there were no convenience stores in Venice. It is something from the last decade. The city always had an independent bakery, butcher and other specialized shops. You can now find a super in every area in Venice Italy. It is too simple… Even tourists can now buy their grocery without trying to speak Italian and it the instant food at their hotel room.

Venice Supermarket tips & tricks

How and when do the locals their daily shopping. Is a convenience store what we want Venice Italy? In my opinion, it is a trend you see in every major city. It is all about full servicing the customer/tourist.

  • Some large supers in Venice are open on Sundays;
  • Not all markets are open in the evening;
  • Fresh vegetables are limited in supermarkets;
  • Meat and fish, you buy at the Rialto market which is open on weekdays until 14:00.


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