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Besides a Venice airport hotel will probably cost you less, it is also an escape of the Venice tourism. I will describe my favorite airport hotels and some other recommendations. Good quality hotels nearby an airport!

A lot of advances;

  • From your Venice airport hotel you can discover the Veneto area.
  • From your hotel it is no problem to reach Venice
  • Public transport and car rental is serviced by all described hotels
  • You can escape from Venice tourism 


  • It takes more time to visit Venice 
  • Sometimes hotels outside Venice don't have a good transport connection to the city or the airport
Venice Airport Hotel Marriot Hotel

I stayed with my family for a long weekend to explore the Venice area. It rained most of the time.

Because of our pleasant hotel we had a fantastic time. 'The Courtyard’ by Marriott is a business hotel, but weekends its quiet. It is located 1 mile from Marco Polo Airport.

A shuttle bus service will take you to and from the airport. There is also a shuttle bus service to Venice.

Because this hotel is situated in a small village near the airport, it is very nice to meet with the local Italian citizen. On Saturday morning there is a fish and vegetable market. Italian people like to chat! It is a must go when you stay in this hotel!

Hotel prices are from October to March: about € 135, = per room, including breakfast. Address: Courtyard by Marriott Venice Airport, Via Triestina 170, Venice 30173. Check if there are still rooms available >

Marco Polo Airport: Hotel Mary

Hotel Mary is located at Camp Alto, a town on the mainland and 1.2 miles from Marco Polo airport. This airport hotel is strategically located because with a bus ride of 15 minutes it is easy (bus stop near the hotel) to reach Venice Italy.

Above all, the other nearby attractions, famous beaches of the Adriatic coast and archaeological sites of Altino are nearby. Hotel Mary is not far away from the freeway for directions to all main cities in the Veneto area. Check if there are still rooms available >

Treviso Airport: Venice airport hotel

There is no hotel directly located at Treviso airport. You have to book a hotel in city center our outside Treviso. Some are suggested by famous guidebooks like the Park Hotel Bolognese This is a famous hotel with a lot of history, situated in a beautiful park. It's a resort on its own with a great historical restaurant.

Venice Airport Hotel Carlton Hotel

Furthermore you will find in Treviso the 'Carlton Hotel' Starting rates from € 54, -. Hotel Carlton is only 2 minutes walk from the Treviso bus and train station and makes it very convenient if you want to make a visit to Venice Italy.

This hotel is one of my favorite Venice airport hotels, since it is charming and Treviso Airport is very easy to reach.


Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy ! Here is an overview and mostly they have a shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

You have read about how I experienced the airport hotels. I have some suggestions, as you read. Please explore my site more and get more information about the different topics.

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