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I share this with you because I’m full of passion about Venice Italy. Mostly I'm waiting for the Venice discount to come and then I will book it.

Preferably I will book a long weekend (4 days) in a beautiful romantic hotel next to a canal. Discover the city from the gondola, walk through the alleyways and stand on the countless bridges.

But, you also want to take some tours with a well experienced guide. I have selected three offers with trips to Venice. Directly from the airport or another meeting point.


Really cheap and comfortable when you are in Europe; use the train to Venice and get discounts on Italy Train Tickets & Rail Passes.

Boat & Bicycle discount: Want to do something amazing in Venice ?

Discount tour Venice

Check this wonderful Venice discount and take a ‘boat & bicycle’ deal to enjoy the Veneto landscape!

Start in Venice with this 8-day tour-package and visit 5 other destinations in the Veneto area.

This package includes accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner and much more…  

Click for more information about this offer. Everybody recommends this tour and has an excellent score on The price is now temporarily EUR 1.043, - p.p.. So, please add it now and book this offer >

Discount on River & Lagoon Cruise: Ever did a River Cruise in Venice ? 

River cruise Venice

Go together or with your family and visit the hidden gems in and around Venice Italy. See for more info >

This is a 5-day tour package with an own cabin on the boat and a guide to separate excursions.

You will visit Venice and other destinations in northern Italy. You travel by boat and all meals and drinks are included.

While relaxing you can watch the beautiful landscape from your river cruise. Whole year long you can book this discount Venice, but the price is now from EUR 594,-. So, book quickly! Book this offer now >

Getaway discount CITYTRIP: This is my cheapest package deal to discover Venice! 

Discount Venice Getaway

Be flexible and book this 4 day Venice Getaway (3 nights) with your lover, friend or girlfriend. In four days, you can completely go up in the city of Venice. Click for more information > 

A city trip in a way how it should be. The package includes accommodation, meals and transport. Your vacation begins the moment you arrive in Venice. The guide can pick you up at the airport and take you to your selected hotel. Here, your local host will welcome you with a warm smile and a set of materials to familiarize you with the city. 

The next morning, after included breakfast, the guide is picking you up at your hotel for guided sightseeing with a local expert. This discount for a 4 day tour in Venice is now only EUR 500,-. Book this offer now >


Book Trip Venice

Do you want to surprise your partner ? Eat together in good Italian restaurants, Venetian cicchetti (tapas) with a wine from the Veneto. But, are you waiting for a cheap trip to Venice?

My advice is not to wait for an offer. Know that European discounter RyanAir is flying to Treviso Airport from many European airports. With a connecting bus shuttle you are in one hour at your Venice destination.

And your accommodation? A cheap hotel or a B & B? Everything you can arrange yourself here. And you can filter it by price or location.

And check these tour with or which you can book on your own. Anytime anywhere! Arrange your own package! That's how you're in control yourself.


Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy ! Here is an overview and mostly they have a shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

You've read about my Venice Discounts. There is plenty to discover. Discover my site about Venice and get more information.

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