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What a great experience! The event of Venice Italy New Year eve is for a great part on the Piazza San Marco in Venice's heart. Here is the city's countdown.

Venice Italy New year

The entire square is packed with people and at 0.00 pm across the dock of Piazza San Marco you can see beautiful fireworks.

Be on time,, It is better to arrive at this square around 9 p.m.. This is on time to get a nice spot in the crowd standing with your friends.

My tip for celebrating New Year's eve is to bring your own bottle of wine or some drinks! And don't forget to give each other after 0:00 an unforgettable hug and kiss!

On the St. Mark's Campanile tower you can see the countdown clock. A great tip is also that you can watch the fireworks from many other places in Venice. The fireworks are in front of the Doge's Palace in the lagoon. A quieter place s perhaps more romantic...

You can join an event during the days around New Year. There are several festivals, mostly in the larger (more luxurious) hotels. But these events are quite pricey and most are already fully booked. Personally, I recommend to wander around Piazza San Marco or go after midnight to Campo Santa Margherita where you'll see hilarious drunk people...

An unforgettable experience during New years eve

An unforgettable experience is a visit to the opera house La Fenice. This is very special when you manage to get a ticket here. But, I know you are not all opera lovers... 

Instead there are plenty of places where is a party, on the street, on a square or maybe you can still find a nice pub or club site.

Also note if you want to dine in a restaurant. Reserve this evening in early advanced. Most restaurants have special menus for New Year's Eve, but the price is expensive and most places are already fully booked. You can also just do a simple pizza or other simple dinner.

There is a website which tells you all the important and nice events during Venice Italy new year. They give tips for parties. Go to there website and find out new year's eve parties in Venice >

Venice Italy new year with a new year's dive!!!

Another remarkable thing in Venice is their New Year's dive on New Year's Day. This is on the Lido island at the beach. You go here by vaporetto and walk straight ahead towards the beach and the Blue Moon Beach Bar. The dive is about 12:00 in the afternoon. Bring your own towel and when you've done it you will have a memorable experience.

And you will be immediately rid of your hangover... Good luck! Let it me know how it was! My


Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy ! Here is an overview and mostly they have a shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

You've read about the Venice new year. There is plenty to explore, as you will read. Search my site on Venice and get inspired.

Home >  Venice Italy Carnival >  Venice Italy New year >

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