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The Venice Rialto Market is the best market in the world. An opinion I share with many guide books. And you as a visitor?

A daily market with Venetian specialties. You will admire the place! Above all if you know local people from around Venice still buy their fresh product on a daily base on this market. 

Get involved and smell the atmosphere of this market. The Mediterranean fresh produced products are everywhere and are from high quality. Read here the opening times and it's history. 

Visit the Venice Rialto Market

Venice Rialto Market

A treat for the senses, with artistic piles of peaches and cherries, artichokes and red chicory from Treviso. Fruit, vegetables and fish tend to be strictly seasonal. A lively place with many local people and tourists!

The Rialto market is located at the north-west of the Rialto Bridge in the district of San Polo. The location is alongside the Grand Canal to the right behind the souvenir stalls. In this area you can spend without knowing 2-4 hours... A must visit!

Opening hours:

  • Fresh produce market (7:30am-1pm Mon-Sat)
  • Pescheria market (7:30am-1pm Tue-Sat)

All products are seasonable, so there is no day the same at this fresh market... 

Do more than just visit the tourist areas, museums and squares. Purchase a map of Venice or a handy travel guide during your stay in Venice Italy. 

Go on adventure and discover the tiny streets. Be different and don't go with the flow, like all other tourists...

Rialto Fishmarket; the Pescheria

Next to the fresh market there is the Pescheria. A Neo-Gothic fish market hall barely out of reach because of the seagulls. You find this fish market along the Grand Canal. This part of the Rialto Market is full of writhing eels, soft shelled crabs, huge swordfish and crimson-fleshed fresh tuna.

The local fisherman are bringing their fresh fish just after the catch in the local Laguna! This is a very unique sight! 

I made a picture of the fisherman who just got out of his boat he parked next to the Pescheria. And he was going straight to his salespeople... 

He was shouting 'fresh fish, fresh fish' and the fish they directly prepared the fish, so locals and restaurants can buy the fish immediately. This is the most fresh you can ever get... And above all it is fun to watch! 

History of the Rialto Market

An area which is the city’s historical heart. Where it all began with the early settlers. Nowadays it’s still the commercial hub of Venice. Records tell us the Venice Market took place since 1097.

The line of buildings however, date from the 16th century due to a fire which swept through Rialto in 1514. The only thing what has changed are the new awnings and electronic cash registers.

Rialto market’s narrow alleyways carry names with categories of the same type of shops. Once these shops stood together, like bakeries, eateries and other market traders. Read about this on my page about the Rialto Bridge >

Top 10 Souvenirs Venice Italy:

1. Glassware: Impress your friends at home with a Murano chandelier.

2. Gourmet Food: For something authentically Italian, try virgin olive oil flavored with chili peppers or pasta in the shape of gondolas and masks.

3. T-shirts: The essential guaranteed souvenir of Venice, sold at the street stalls.

4. Masks: A mind-boggling array of masks, traditionally made for Carnival in paper-maché ceramic and leather.

5. Marbled Paper: Swirls of pastel hues can be used for covering books or simple as elegant wrapping paper for gifts.

6. Beads: All manner of beads, from frosted glass, ceramic or the traditional cmurrhine mosaic can be found.

7. Italian Wine: Take advantage of lower prices and taxes by stocking up on locally produced wines.

8. Fabric: Lace is the most Venetian of materials, but attractive linens and velvets are also good value.

9. Silverwork: Photo frames, letter openers and teaspoons make lovely gifts for friends.

10. Clothes: All the top fashion names can be found in Venice Italy.

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