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How did you reach Venice from the Airport... I’m just wondering. Because my My site is about experiences!

Therefore, this page is for you. Tell your own story, your experience or share your own opinion...

Other visitors are thrilled to read the story of real people who have been there. Take your chance and share! Your contribution will appear below on this page!

And I? ... I've actually tried everything to arrive in Venice,,, except on my bicycle to Venice ;)...

From Treviso airport you have the opportunity to hire a taxi, take a (shuttle) bus or a car. But, I went with a bus service no. 6 to Treviso train station and I took the train to Venice Italy.

How do you reach Venice from the airport?

Reach Venice from the Airport with the ATVO shuttle busGet from the Airport in Venice with the ATVO shuttle bus

From Marco Polo Airport? At this airport there are more opportunities to reach Venice. For example; using a taxi boat, the Alilaguna boat, the (shuttle) ATVO buses, ACTV buses and rental cars. 

ACTV Aerobus is the cheapest solution,,, I take it often by myself... 

Did you actually know that I drove with my car from the Netherlands to Venice? A journey of 14 hours… Sorry, I suddenly remember this trip and it’s a long way to reach Venice. Ah, these memories I like to share with you.

But, now I turn it around. Did you fly to Venice? How was your experience? Do you have tips or other ways to get from the airport to Venice? And what is the fastest and most comfortable way?

I like to read it from you. And I'm sure that other visitors to my site will be very grateful. And let's face it... It’s fun to talk about YOUR best experiences in such a romantic city? 

And maybe you've had a terrible experience on how to reach Venice. Or maybe you think the fare of using a taxi boat is too high. If I had enough money, I knew it... Indeed, to take a water taxi is really comfortable. 

Enough reasons to fill this page with reviews on your experience from airport to Venice.Do you have a good story or tip to get to Venice Airport? Share it with other visitors here…

Have A Great Story About This?

Write about it here! Display your own great story how you got from the airport into Venice Italy. Share it! Writing skills? Your comment will appear on a new webpage. Make it as long as you want with photo's and your story.

What are the tips and experiences of other visitors?

Topics about transportation from Treviso to Mestre, Transfer Airport to Venice, From airport to Lido, From airport to hotel in Venice. And what’s more? Share it!


Cheap Parking in Venice Italy

Be smart and get a cheap parking place when you are visiting Venice Italy ! Here is an overview and mostly they have a shuttle services to Venice... Check it out! 

You've read that you can post reviews about how get from Airport to Venice. You can share your experience with other visitors to my site. Ideal to contribute to the site!Tell your friends and family that you've contributed. They can respond to your contribution or the rate with 5 stars!

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